Maria Calhoun, LPC

Telehealth-based Psychotherapy

Ever heard of online counseling? While some might be hesitant when initially considering it, many people find they prefer to get the support they need while comfortable in a safe space of their choosing. Ongoing research shows telehealth-based psychotherapy is just as effective as more traditional, in-person settings. This can be true regarding EMDR outcomes too. Maria is pleased to offer online psychotherapy using a secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform for folks located in Alaska.

A few tips. One key component is to have absolute privacy without distraction. Set yourself up for success in an environment that allows you to fully focus and open up. Also, a little preparation goes a long way! The browsers best suited for your telehealth platform are Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You will receive easy instructions to log into your sessions. Give yourself ample time before the initial session to work out any glitches.

Please note: At the beginning of each session, Maria will confirm your physical address in order to verify your location for regulatory purposes and as a safeguard for any potential emergencies. Telehealth services are not for everyone. Folks dealing with suicidal or homicidal thoughts or actively experiencing psychotic symptoms, severe substance abuse symptoms, or a mental health crisis that cannot be resolved remotely are better suited to an in-person setting or higher level of care.
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